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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)
GAMETENT.NET takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to meet gamer's expectations that exceed the rest. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

1. How many people can our tent occupy?
We can hold up to 18/24 people in our tent. And all handheld video games must be played inside of the Game Tent. 

2. How old do the gamer's have to be?
Any age.

3. How much space is needed to set up our tent?
We only need a (10 x 10) square foot of space to hold our GameTent fun. Also you must have a flat level surface for our setup. We may setup 0,1,2,3, or 4 walls around the Game Tent that day. Depending on the wind and weather. 

4. Where do we setup our Game Tent?
We would like to setup in the; front yard, back yard, or parking lot driveway. Also inside a; gym, recreation center, commercial building, or an auditorium.

5. Can I tip the game helpers?
No, absolutely not! You have paid for the event already and it is our duty to serve you with our Game Tent experience. There's no need to tip.

6. How much for a Game Tent event to happen?
Our prices are very fair, if not even better. Click on the (prices) page to view our great Game Tent event prices. All money order payments have to be received a week in advance

7. Do an adult have to be present?
Yes! At least one adult.

​8. Can you eat and drink in the tent area?
No, we try to keep the quality of our tent, toy trucks, seats, and handheld games from damage of any kind.

9. What transportation will Game Tent arrive in?
(Any vehicle); it maybe a rented car, van, or truck.

10. Will a game helper be in the tent?
Yes, one or two Game Tent helpers have to assist with game start ups, board level changes, battery replacements, wrist band assistance, and any other questions gamer's may have.

11. What if it's a rainy day?
As long as it's not a severe weather advisory, we will start up your Game Tent party. But if it is severe weather like hard winds, lightning, or flooding outside. We will start up at a later time after the storm has passed or reschedule.

12. What video games will the gamer's play?
All 120+ types of classic arcade games like!
Pac Man, Super Mario Brother's, Excitebike, Street Fighter,
Contra, Batman, Final Fight, Ninja Turtle, Double Dragon, Kung Fu, Galaga, Dongkey Kong, Spider Man, and many many more! 

13. What if I want to (cancel) the Game Tent party?
You either paid though Credit/Debit, PayPal, or a US Postal money order. There will be a 13% cancellation fee for any event that is cancelledClients will receive money back in the form of a (money order) within one week. That event party could have been for other gamer's that day. And it's not fair to them.

14. What areas do we cover?
​Mainly the Atlanta area as of now, but we might go out our way. It all depends on how far out. 

15. What businesses we (don't) serve?
Sorry............................... we don't hold (individual) events in apartmentslofts, or condos. Unless events are serviced by the leasing office only. 

​16. Do we take videos and pictures of the events?
Yes! We may (take pictures an video). And up load them to our website for advertising and promotional purposes.
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17. What power source does Game Tent use? 

18. Are the games battery operated and in English?
All of our handheld games are operated by 3 (AAA+) batteries. And our games are in both English and Chinese. 

19.  Are the handheld games clean?
Yes! We make sure we wipe down our handheld games with a soapy damp cloth before every event. We also supply hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of germs.

20. Do we feed the gamer's at our events?
Yes!  Gamer's will receive (donuts and popsicles) up to twenty people.

21. What if Game Tent feels threatened, unsafe, or endangered?
If for any reason we feel our staff or employees safety are in danger, Game Tent will cancel the event permanently. And there will be a 13% termination fee for any event that is cancelled because of the client's negligence.

Game Tent  (Rules)

1. Listen to the game helpers!

2. All handheld games, are to stay inside of the Game Tent area!

3. No fighting!

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