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I (we), ________________________________________wish to have [Game Tent LLC] at our event. Our information is as follows:

Event Location _________________________________________________________________________________

Your Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone _____________________________________    Food ___________ 

Event Start Time_______________________ Event End Time__________________________ Extra Minutes  Maybe

Please check which event you would like to have below.

Game Tent Prices
WeekDay Hours! Mon-Fri 3.0 Game Tent Hours: $175.00+tax / Check One ______  

WeekEnd Hours! Sat-Sun 3.0 Game Tent Hours: $195.00+tax / Check One ______  

We use the game prince, super nintendo, sega genesis, play station 2, iphone, pc, and android games in our event setting every game play. As long as it's not a severe weather advisory, we will start up your Game Tent party. But if it is severe weather like hard winds, lightning, or flooding outside we will start up at a later time that same day after the storm has passed within our Game Tent hours. You either paid though Credit, Debit, PayPal, Cashiers Check, or a (US Postal money order). We both agree that you the client have paid in full for this event. All handheld games and required gaming accessories are provided; there is no additional cost for prices unless you pay for extra hours. We will provide one or more game helpers that will monitor and organize game play to ensure that every one have an opportunity to play in an organized and equitable [Game Tent] manner. 

I, the undersigned, as a representative of the Renting Party named above, do hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms of our FAQ'S, RULES, and this AGREEMENT. Further, I recognize that I am responsible for all equipment provided by [Game Tent] that is used by your guests at the event from the time we start and finish. It may take [Game Tent] (:35 minutes) to (:45 minutes) to setup the equipment so we will arrive early. There will be a 13% cancellation / termination fee for any event that is cancelled or terminated. Clients will receive money back in the form of a (Money Order) within one week. I agree on behalf of the Rental Party to pay for any loss or damage equipment incurred as the result of theft, abuse or negligence on the part of all my guests. And I do not hold [Game Tent LLC] or any of it's staff responsible for any future injuries that may occur to my children, family, friends, or guests. Rental party irrevocably grants to Game Tent LLC the right to use rental party image, likeliness, voice, actions, or statements in all forms of media including video and testimonials for all purposes including advertising, trade, or any commercial purpose throughout the world and in perpetuity. In other words, I know that my picture and video may be taken and filmed at this event and it may appear on our website or on our promotional material. You are being entertained at your own risk! I have read, understand, and agreed to the terms of this [Game Tent] contract agreement. 

____________________________________                   _________/__________/______________
Signature of Renting Party                                                Date

Acknowledged by: 

____________________________________                   _________/__________/______________ 
Signature of Owner/Representative                                  Date

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